Bulk SMS / Text Marketing Tool for Filipino entrepreneurs, business owners and online sellers


Easy to use. Type-in or upload spreadsheet.


Send in bulk to any numbers / network in the Philippines!


Rates as low as 1.00 ₱ per message


Custom Sender Name (optional)


Personalize messages with first name (or any other available data) auto-insertion.

Online Seller?

AdLogin is a Philippines bulk SMS service perfect for online sellers and business owners.
SMS / text marketing can help you maximise your profits by:


  • Abandoned Carts Retargeting
    Most abandoned carts are simply people that put it off until later and then forgot about it. Don’t lose those sales!


  • Send promotions and coupons to past or lost customers
    It’s 7X less expensive to sell to past customers than it is to acquire new ones. SMS is the perfect method to do that.


  • Improve your brand image and trust
    Sending out SMS to your audience increases trust and enhances the image of your brand in-line with those big brands that utilise SMS marketing. 


SMS marketing works for all types of businesses -online or offline. For physical businesses, you can use it for:


  • Cost-effective way to target past or lost customers
    It’s 7X less expensive to sell to past customers than it is to acquire new ones. SMS messages get read by 98% of recipients! You can’t find a more effective method of communicating with your past customers in bulk.

  • Off-set slow periods
    SMS marketing allows you to send out FLASH promotions, coupons and offers to get people in the door and off-set those slow periods and get customers in the door!

  • Improve your brand image and trust
    Now with AdLogin, sms marketing is available to businesses of all sizes! Because of the low-cost, you can get into SMS marketing with the big-brands without breaking the bank.

How does it work? It’s easy!

Easy as 1,2,3

1. Copy & Paste

Simply copy & paste your comma-separated list of mobile numbers.

2. OR upload a spreadsheet containing mobile numbers

Export  customers, leads or abandoned carts (from your seller’s dashboard or wherever they’re stored); and upload the spreadsheet in your AdLogin dashboard.

3. Compose your message and send!

Simply compose your message and hit send and your message is on it’s way to all your recipients within moments. Easy peasy!